Colour Consultation

Changing paint Colours is the quickest, most dramatic and cost effective way to create instant change in your home.

A fresh coat of paint in a gorgeous colour, whether it be to the interior or exterior, can totally revitalise the look and feel of your home.  Paint can also hide imperfections, create features, personalize a room and create harmony through flow in a home.

Colour is also perhaps the area of Interior Decorating that people make the most mistakes with.  There is a certain ‘Science’ to choosing the right paint colours so that they blend beautifully with other existing  colours and features in your home such as tiles, flooring, kitchen cabinetry, and brick work etc.

Choosing the correct colours will enhance the furniture choices in your home, create the right mood and ambience and simply make you ‘feel’ good in the space.

Our Colour Consultations are charged at an hourly rate.  Please contact us for details.