Your house is the most valuable asset you own. The way a property is prepared for sale is a significant factor in how much it sells for and how long it takes to sell.

“You only get one chance to make a great first impression!”

Benefits of styling your home for sale:

90% of buyers use the internet and print media to search for properties to buy.
Presentation through property styling and photography are of vital importance.
Styled properties appeal to a wider spectrum of buyers.
In a competitive market styled properties stand out against the competition.
Styling your home in a ‘Hot’ market will usually sell your house for more money. In a ‘Slow’ market, styling will SELL your house while other houses sit unsold!
A professionally styled property gives the buyer the overall impression that the home is well maintained and ready to move into.
At istyle homes we are passionate about helping our clients present their property to its full potential achieving more….more inspections, more offers, more money and a SOLD sign.